The School aims to produce highly qualified interpreters and translators capable of meeting the requirements of the international market.

The School has set itself the following tasks:

  • to produce, through intensive training, top-rate interpreters and translators for the needs of the public sector, international organizations, and the business community;
  • to promote the status of the profession in Russia and around the world.



Professional interpreter’s and translator’s qualities

An interpreter/translator today is an essential link in interlingual and intercultural communication. And he/ she needs to meet requirements imposed on him by the changing realities of the modern world. We believe that the most important of these are the following:

  • perfect knowledge of two foreign languages and cultures
  • total command of all stylistic registers of one’s native language
  • proficiency in translation/interpretation techniques
  • tolerance and ability to solve cultural and human conflicts
  • knowledge of interpreter’s, translator’s, diplomatic and universal ethics
  • a broad intellectual and cultural background
  • constant striving for professional enhancement and self-improvement
All these qualities are to be polished in the School’s training course. But their aptitude, at least high motivation and willingness to develop and improve these qualities, must be demonstrated by the applicants during the admission examinations.

In the present-day world there can be no place for nationalism, aggression and in human ideas. During admission examinations the applicants must already demonstrate their willingness to make every effort to strength friendly relations among nations and peoples. One of the objectives of the Russian language examination and interview is to demonstrate this willingness.

A broad intellectual and cultural background is absolutely essential for interpreters/translators, and not only because the material they work with may concern the whole range of human civilization. It is also essential for acquiring abroad world outlook and independence of mind. These qualities are indispensable in the work of any top-level professional.

All the above-mentioned points have been taken into account by the founders of the School when compiling the programme.


Interpreting in a Globalised World