SCIT – UCLouvain cooperation continues

14 May 2019|

On 13-17 May 2019 SCIT hosts Maria Maçarskaia, an interpreter trainer from the Catholoc University of Louvain-la-Neuve. Her  visit is organized within the frame of the academic mobility program under the Erasmus + Agreement signed between Herzen University and UCLouvain.  Maria Maçarskaia holds master-classes for the students with French, attends the classes of the SCIT colleagues, participates in the events at Herzen University and enjoys St. Petersburg’s cultural life. There is no doubt that the visit will be very productive and will strengthen the ties between SCIT and UCLouvain’s T&I program.

SCIT participates in MIIS Jubilee Conference

6 May 2019|

On 4 and 5 May 2019 Middleberry Institute of International Studies at Monterey hosted the conference to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the T&I and Localization program in Monterey. SCIT representatives – Director Irina Alexeeva and Deputy Director Angelique Antonova took part in the festive events as well as in the conference program. SCIT and Televic Education presented their joint project for teaching/assessing interpreter students in a professional setting. SCIT-Televic Education cooperation was used as a shoswcase to demonstrate how important it is to provide customized software and machinery for quality trainig of future language specialists.

Upon the completion of the forum Irina Alexeeva and Angelique Antonova were invited by Rosa Kavenoki, Director of the Russian T&I Program at Monterey, to hold a series of meetings and master-classes for the MIIS students.

SCIT takes part in the UN MoU Universities Conference

3 May 2019|

On 2 and 3 May 2019 MIIS, Monterey, hosted the 6th United Nations MoU Universities Conference. The forum was devoted to the topical issues of preparing United Nations language professionals for the challenges of today and the future. The particpants spoke about their experience of implementing the Memorandum, showcased the joint projects of partner universities, shared the views on distant learning practices.  SCIT Deputy Director Angelique Antonova took part in the discussions on the quality assurance in training  students for the UN Competitive Language Examinations.


Meeting at UN

30 April 2019|

On 29 May the UN Department for General Assembly and Conference Management hosted the Herzen University delegation.  Catherine Pollard, Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly and Conference Management, and Movses Abelian, Assistant to Under-Secretary General, were happy to welcome in the UN Headquarters Yulia Komarova, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Irina Alexeeva, SCIT Director, and Angelique Antonova, SCIT Deputy Director. The participants of the meeting discussed the cooperation under the Memorandum of Understanding between our institutions, stressing the imporatnce of virtual classes, master-classes of practicing interpreters and internships. The Herzen University and SCIT leaders thanked the UN DGACM for their efforts to promote cooperation, and Ms. Pollard and Mr. Abelian congratulated SCIT on the new achievements of SCIt graduates in the UN Language Competitive Examinations.

UN LCE: congratulations to successful SCIT graduates!

26 April 2019|

We are happy to inform that 6 SCIT graduates are among those lucky ones who passed the UN competitive language examinations and are now on the UN roster. Our congratulations go to Anastasia Gavrilina, Vadim Iermolenko,  Sergey Zhiliuk, Artem Petrov, MArina Tkacheva, and Eugenia Yakovchik. Our heartiest congratulations!

22-26 April 2019: Master-classes of Ian Newton

26 April 2019|

On 22-26 April SCIT hosted Ian Newton, former ILO Chief-Interpreter and trainer from FTI, Geneva University. With the Dual Degree Agreement still in operation between our schools, Mr. Newton was invited to give a series of master-classes in retour for the SCIT students. The guest lecturer was able to give the students necessary guidance and shared professional tips in interpreting into English, which are invaluable in the final lap of the academic year. The students appreciated the expertise, but also the engaging personality of Mr. Newton. Looking forward to new meetings with Ian!

ToT Seminar from EMCI Vice-President at SCIT

16 April 2019|

On 10-12 April 2019 SCIT hosted a Training of Trainers Seminar which was run by Alessandra Riccardi, EMCI Vice-President. The seminar was devoted to giving feedback in interpreter training, and SCIT trainers and Herzen IFL teachers were invited to participate.

The seminar addresses various theoretical and practical aspects of feedback: its aims and objectives, different forms of feedback, different approaches to feedback, interpreting quality criteria and feedback, progression and differences in feedback.

SCIT students were also enthusiastic participants of the ToT seminar. Their interpretation in consecutive and simultaneous modes served as exercise for trainers in giving feedback. Feedback plays a key role in conference interpreting training. It enables students to learn to analyze and evaluate their errors, to minimize or avoid repetition of the same types of mistakes, to build up a mental model of what their interpretation should be like, and gives them orientation with concrete examples and signals what they are aiming at.

DG SCIC Conference in Brussels

5 April 2019|

On 4 and 5 of April 2019 the traditional conference on the recent trends in interpreting and interpreter training was organized by the Directorate General for Interpreting, European Commission, in Brussels. Among the speakers were Florika Fink-Hoojer, Director General DG Interpretation, Javier Hernándes Saseta, Head of Multilingualism and Knowledge Development Unit, Filip Majcen, Director of Interpretation Services Management and Professional Support, and others. DG SCIC’s team also presented its Knowledge Centre on Interpretation, 2.0 and attracted a lot of attention. Universities’ representatives spoke about the issues of Artificial Intelligence, machine translation and technologies, and how they transform the learning and working environment for interpreters. SCIT was represented by Deputy Director Angelique Antonova.

SCIT at Annual IAMLADP Meeting

5 April 2019|

On 3-4 April 2019 the Annual IAMLADP meeting took place in Brussels.  IAMLADP is an international forum and network of managers of international organizations employing conference and language service providers. The Universities’ Contact Group (UCG) acts as a liaison point for the further development of relations and co-operation between international organizations and training providers. Organizations can thus inform universities of their requirements, shortages, etc. and universities can contribute to the professions. It is an honour to be a member of the Universities’ Contact Group, and SCIT is proud to take active part in the annual meetings.  Deputy Director Angelique Antonova represents SCIT in this meeting in 2019.  The participants discussed the training initiatives of the universities from Leeds, Salamanka  and Shanghai, and a survey of IOs outreach and training program was presented. SCIC EC announced its project Knowledge Centre…/k…/knowledge-centre-interpretation_en


SCIT takes part in EMCI General Assembly Meeting in Brussels

4 April 2019|

On 4 April the EMCI General Assembly meeting took place in Brussels. SCIT was represented by Deputy Director Angelique Antonova. The participants discussed the preparations for the student meeting in Prague which is to take place on 24-28 April. The meeting will be attended by four SCIT students.   Also much attention was given to the implementation of the European Commission grant projects in quality assurance control and developing resources and speech repositories for graduates about to take language examinations for IOs. SCIT is an active participant of these projects.