(Русский) Семинар для преподавателей перевода от EMCI

18 March 2024|

On March 14 and 15, a ToT (training of trainers) seminar was organized by EMCI, an international consortium of European master’s programs in conference interpretation. All SCIT trainers were invited to participate in this seminar. The first day was devoted to the use of modern technologies in interpeters’ work and, accordingly, the impact it has on the educational process. University representatives spoke about the experience of using AI in the making of training speeches, in modeling real working scenarios, using technology in the process of work and in preparation for interpreting, as well as about the development of specialized training courses on the use of technology in interpretation. The second day of the seminar touched upon the important topic of preserving the interpreter’s mental health. It is no secret that an interpreter experiences great psychological stress, and the participants discussed effective techniques for stress management.

SCIT was represented by Deputy Director Angelique Antonova.

(Русский) ВШП принимает участие во встрече членов международной группы IAMLADP

18 March 2024|

On 13 and 14 March a virtual meeting of the IAMLADP members took place. IAMLADP is an international group of representatives of universities with T&I programs and international organizations, of which SCIT is an active member. The group serves to implement closer cooperation between educational institutions and employers represented by international organizations. The participants discussed the issues related to translator training, taking into account the increasingly wide use of AI systems in the professional practices. The participants also discussed the social “soft” skills that a translator should possess, while particularly highlighting the need to train young translators to colloborate, develop the ability to prioritize workload distribution and meet tight deadlines. It is interesting that the participants from the universities agreed that today it is impossible to train translators only to work in international organizations, let alone work in only one international organization – now the demand is for translators-generalists, able to quickly adapt to the customer and explore new thematic fields. SCIT was represented by Deputy Director Angelique Antonova.

Master-class of Timofey Mineev, Russian MFA interpreter

12 March 2024|

On 12 March SCIT  students had a master-class from Timofey Mineev, a staff interpreter at the Russian MFA. SCIT’s collaboration with the MFA of Russia goes back to the year of the School’s inception, and up to date 20 SCIT graduates have worked as staff interpreters at the MFA’s Department of Linguistic Support. One of them is Timofey Mineev. At his master-class Timofey spoke about the necessity to develop certain linguistic and extralnguistic interpreter skills, about  preparations for the job, studying the background information and the necessary materials, tuning to the speaker’s and audience’s wave length, his own experience of working at the Russian MFA.  We heartily thank Timofey for the desire to generously share his experience and hope that today’s speakers will be inspired by his talk to strive for professional heights.

Master-classes of Andrey Falaleyev

7 March 2024|

On the eve of the first spring holiday SCIT welcomed a renown interpreter and a big friend of the School Andrey Falaleyev. Apart from the engaging conversation Andrey offered to the SCIT students an intensive master-class in simultaneous interpreting in the booths, showing in practice the effectiveness of his training methods. The students were inspired by the opportunity to meet in person such a famous interpreter and to ask him about the secrets of mastering the profession, ways of professional growth and personal qualities necessary to become a top interpreter. The students from the T&I Department of the Herzen Institute of Foreign Languages were also invited to join the conversation.


(Русский) День открытых дверей в ВШП

16 February 2024|

On 15 February SCIT held an All Welcome Day. Everyone  interested in joining the school had an opportunity to meet with teachers and graduates to learn about the educational process, the details of the admission procedure and the prospects for professional development. The event was held in a mixed format, some of the listeners joined it online.

Angelika Antonova, SCIT Deputy director, told about the history of the St. Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation : “SCIT was founded in 2008 following the initiative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which we are very proud of. The SCIT teaching staff was formed from T&I practitioners with a good reputation, so the ministry believed in us and supported us, and the UN signed a Memorandum of Understanding with us. Over the 15 years of the school’s existence, we turned out 171 graduates. It may not sound as much, but we prioritize quality. We are proud of our graduates and have confidence in their skill.”

UN professional experts joined the event:  Inga Khramkova, interpreter at RIS, UNHQ in New York,  and Kirill Kasyanov, Head of the Russian Interpretation Section at UNON. Inga Khramkova, UN coordinator for MoU, is herself a SCIT graduate and she was the first graduate to work as a simultaneous interpreter at the UN General Assembly and the Security Council. She had a lot to tell  about the work of a UN interpreter and give practical advice on preparation for the SCIT aptitude tests. Kirill Kasyanov, who has been giving master classes in interpretation to SCIT students for many years and has more than once supervised SCIT interns at UNON, spoke about the importance of the Russian language for interpreters, which should be flexible and terminological at the same time. Experienced translators wished all applicants good luck in the aptitude tests!

Director Irina Alekseeva spoke in detail about the educational process and aptitude tests. “The main place in the training process is given to practical classes, since we train primarily for the UN. Of the six UN languages, we have all except Arabic, but we have German instead, because we also train our students to work in the Russian market and try hard to keep up the professional standards. For the whole year, our students learn simultaneous interpretation, as well as consecutive interpretation and written translation. The most popular program we offer is Conference Interpreting and Translation, where two thirds of the classes are devoted to developing interpretation skills,” she noted.

Irina Alexeeva described the aptitude tests in detail, telling what skills applicants need to demonstrate and what mistakes they should try to avoid. She stressed that SCIT applicants should not only be fluent in two foreign languages, but also be able to express their thoughts competently in Russian, since good knowledge of their native language is no less important for an interpreter. She also added that most SCIT students are people  who have been working as translators for several years and want to upgrade their skills, but recent university graduates are also welcome.

This year’s students talked about the training process at the school and about the recently completed internship in Vienna.

At the end of the meeting, the audience was invited to ask questions.

SCIT students get St. Jerome Translation Contest Diplomas

8 February 2024|

In 2023  after a 3-year break, the UNOV Conference Management Service held the 16th St. Jerome Translation Contest. Launched in 2005 the contest is meant to commemorate International Translation Day. It serves to celebrate multilingualism within the United Nations and highlights the important role that translation plays in the work of the United Nations and in the world at large.

We are happy to remind that there are two SCIT students among the winners of the 16th contest. They are Ekaterina Shchelchkova (2023-2024 cohort) and Marina Tkacheva (2014-2015 cohort).  During the week-long internship at UNOV in January 2024 Ekaterina Shchelchkova was eventually able to collect her diploma awarded earlier in autumn 2023.  She won the first prize in the student’s category.

We are happy and proud to congratulate Ekaterina and Marina again on their professional success!


SCIT students at UNOV

2 February 2024|

From 29 January to 2 February SCIT students are having a week-long internship at UNOV. From day one the trainees got immersed in intensive work: dumb booths daily sessions supervied by experienced UN interpreters who also hold master classes in interpreting technique,  glossary compilation, sight translation, compression in interpreting, relevant resourses and professional growth. Of note is the fact that one of the lecturers on translating texts for the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of the Outer Space was Dmitry Osadchuk, 2011 SCIT graduate, who is currently a staff UN translator at UNOV. An additional bunus for the trainees was a series of interpreting master-classes from/to French and Spanish.

We are grateful to those many who worked to make this internship possible: Marianna Matakova, Chief of the Interpretation Section, supervisors Anna Chevrieux and Olga Mostinskaya,  Igor Soloviyov, Head of the Russian booth, interpreters Sergey Nagradov, Ludovic Martin, José Manuel Follan and Ksenia Speranskaya. Their master-classes were full of insights and good advice which will help our students to grow into real professionals. Of that we are convinced.

All trainees will receive diplomas upon completion of the internship. The general supervision was conducted by Angelique Antonova, SCIT Deputy Director.


Anouncement: Internship for SCIT students at the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space – Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, UNOV

22 January 2024|

The January vacations are over, and SCIT students are back to studies. There are several interpesting projects underway at SCIT, and the preparation for others have begun, too. For example, on 29 January – 2 February two SCIT students and one graduate are invited for a trainee session to the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space – Scientific and Technical Committee, UNOV.  The internship is organized by the Interpretation Section of the Conference Management Service at UNOV. A lot of interesting and useful activities will be organized for the interns: participation in the Subcommittee working sessions, master-classes from the experienced UN language specialists.  Of note is that  it is the second winter internship for SCIT students at UNOV, and last year interns are actively involved in training the students for the upcoming internship to make the immersion into the specific topic of outer space smooth and painless.  We are happy that UNOV is open to cooperation with SCIT, and we are planning longer summer internship programmes as well.

Underway is the WIPO Terminological project. This year the project is again supervised by Alena Bakhtina, SCIT graduate and actively contracted WIPO translator.  This is the third project done by SCIT students for WIPO under Alena’s supervision, and we are sure our team will do their best to make a valid contribution to the terminilogical base WIPO Pearl.

SCIT takes part in UCG IAMLADP meeting

19 December 2023|

On 15 December SCIT took part in the work of UCG IAMLADP meeting. We have been active members of the University Contact Group for many years now, and were happy to use the occasion to discuss with the colleagues from partner universities and international organizations the plans for the nearest future.  In March, the UN translation services are planning to hold a two-day vitual seminar for translators and heads of the translation programs in the universities. On its agenda is the updating of translator’s skills, their development and assessment, as well as the use of AI in translator training and working practice.  The parties are also interested in exploring the new ways to strengthen the colloboration with humans and technology. The international organizations expressed their readiness to assist the universities in adapting their training programs  to the requirements set by the IOs to language specialists. There is a lot of interesting projects ahead!

SCIT takes part in XIV ATC Conference

11 December 2023|

On 8 December the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) held its annual conference where SCIT was represented by Deputy Director Angelique Antonova.  The conference was attended by heads of the translation companies, academia, and representatives of IT companies developing software for the industry.  We at SCIT set much store by keeping close ties with potential employers for our graduates, and always invite them to take part in SCIT activities. We are equally  happy to participate in their events, and XIV ATC conference was just one such occasion. At the conference Angelique Antonova preseted her report on training T&I specialists in the digital era. Participants from the T&I industry shared their expectations of the graduates’ competencies and skills, and jointly academia and industry discussed the ways to align the T&I training programs with the T&I market requirements.  We are also happy to inform that Angelique Antonova became ATC Laureate-2023. Congratulations!