3 November: Terra Translatologica seminar at Herzen university

7 November 2022|

On 3 November Herzen university hosted another meeting of the Terra Translatologica seminar. The event was called ‘The Obvious, the Unbelievable: literary translation. how to teach and how to publish’   The key speaker of the seminar was Alexander Filippov-Chekhov, the moderator was SCIt director Irina Alexeeva.

Alexander Filippov-Chekhov is a translator of German and English fiction and non-fiction, founder and chief editor of the Libra Publishing House. Alexander also inspired the Peredelkino translation projects and is a curator of the translation workshops and residences in Peredelkino.

The meeting comprised two parts: first Alexander told about the profession of a literary translator, their role in publishing and social life at large, shared his discoveries in translation. He also took questions from the audience about the state of the literary translation market in general, about his personal experience in dealing with the challenges of the professional translation. The second part was devoted to the work of the publishing  house and the presentation of the books, followed by the discussion about the quality of the publishing business today. The guest also spoke about the work of his own publishing house.

There was a lot of interest on the part of the audience to the meeting. All participants were eager to ask questions and got involved in the discussion. The project undoubtedly raises the profile of the translator’s profession, enriches the participants with new insights and knowledge.

1 November: Introduction into Simultaneous Interpreting

7 November 2022|

On 1 November SCIT held the “Introduction into Simultaneous’ conference. As the tradition goes, the trainers carefully selected a painting to serve as visual aid and practiced describing the picture with the students in all working languages to remove the fears of missing information in interpreting.  The preparatory stage over, the students took places in the booths and pacticed simultaneous interpretation. Well begun – half done! From now on they have to work diligently to master simultaneous interpreting, and we hope they will become good professionals in sim!

SCIT takes part in CIUTI General Assembly and Conference in Peru

15 September 2022|

On 13-17 September CIUTI holds the General Assembly and the conference in the Peruvian university of applied sciences in Lima.  SCIT has been a member of this respected organization for many years now, and we consider it important to maintain the international cooperation on a high level. For this reason Angelique Antonova, SCIT Deputy Director, set off to Lima to take part in this important gathering and present her report at the conference.

The participants have a busy agenda: discussing the results of 2021-2022 year for CIUTI, planning new events and projects, appointment of the governing body, presentation of the new CIUTI members, planning the publication activities and many others. In the meeting discussions the organization members stressed the importance of teaching students the remote interpreting skills and the necessity to enhance the retour skills, especially with English. Besides, the participants eagerly discussed the issues related to mental and physical health of interpreters, especially in the stressful  conditions of remote work.

At the pending conference the participants will share their experiences of teaching translation and interpreting in the new post-covid times, discuss the use of new technologies in T&I training and various issues elated to adapting T&I trainig to the “new normal”. Angelique Antonova will speak about the cluster principle adopted for the SCIT training model.

New academic year at SCIT

15 September 2022|

On 5 Septemeber  a new academic year started at SCIT.  Following the first classes there was an opening ceremony in the SCIT conference hall attended by the Herzen university officials and other guests: Rector Sergey Tarasov, Vice-rector for International Affairs Dmitry Mereshkin, Deputy Representative of the Russian MFA in St. Petersburg Igor Demianenko, SCIT administration, trainers and graduates. The guests wished the newcomers a fruitful year, physical and moral strength to overcome the difficulties, and wide horizons in the chosen profession. At the end of the day there was a traditional tea party where the new students could talk to the trainers and graduates informally and get to know better the School’s ways and traditions.


Слушатели ВШП побеждают в переводческих конкурсах!

23 May 2022|

На этапе завершения обучения в ВШП наши слушатели активно принимают участие в различных переводческих конкурсах и неизменно оказываются в числе призеров.

В апреле наши ребята приняли участие в Пятом международном студенческом конкурсе устного перевода, который проводился Кафедрой английского языка Факультета финансовой экономики Одинцовского филиала МГИМО. Всего ими было завоевано 9 призовых мест (4 первых и 5 вторых) в комбинациях “английский-русский”, “испанский-русский”, “китайский-русский”, “немецкий-русский” и “французский-русский”. Некоторые победили сразу в нескольких категориях. Вот их имена: Алексей Свистунов, Анна Токарева, Эльвира Курмашева, Валентина Бобачева, Анастасия Гарцуева, Анастасия Щепеткова. (Результаты конкурса можно посмотреть здесь:

В мае Оренбургский государственный университет совместно с Ассоциацией переводчиков Оренбургской области и Оренбургским отделением Союза переводчиков РФ проводил Всероссийский конкурс специального перевода, где в номинации «Юридический перевод» (немецкий-русский) победила Екатерина Кабанова. Также в мае состоялся конкурс «Digital Arctic Transfer», организованный Северным федеральным университетом им. М.В. Ломоносова и Архангельским региональным отделением Союза переводчиков России. Татьяна Науменкова заняла второе место в номинации «перевод с французского на русский язык» (Условия конкурса здесь Мы также гордимся победой Татьяны в международном конкурсе «Перевод как вектор сохранения национального и мирового культурного наследия», организованным МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова и Сибирским федеральным университетом ( Она участвовала в конкурсе с итальянским языком, переводу с которого не учат в ВШП, но тем не менее показала достойный третий результат. Поздравляем победителей и желаем успеха в дальнейшей деятельности на ниве перевода!

Virtual class with CITS and MSLU

8 April 2022|

On 4 April  a virtual mock conference was organized by three Russian universities which offer T&I training programs aligned with international quality standards. These universities are Herzen’s  St. Petersburg School of Conferene Interpreting and Translation, Caspian Interpreting and Translation School from Astrakhan university, and Moscow State Linguistic University. The cooperation among these univerities started as a part of a broader program  of cooperation within international consortia  – CIUTI and MoU (Memorandum of Understanding with the UN), and we are glad that the cooperation is constatntly growing.

The conference on 4 April was devoted to the topic of child labour in the 21 century. The students were offered speeches addressing various aspects of this serious social issue. The students practised consecutive interpreting both into Russian and English. Those willing to pactise simultaneous interpreting went to the “dumb” booths. The trainers from three universities gave feedback, and it was a rare opportunty to get recommendations from other teachers than your own.

By and large, the participants were quite happy with this exchange and are resolved to continue this fruitful cooperation.


Aptitude tests for the next academic year are over

7 April 2022|

On 21-31 March St. Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation held the aptitude tests for the next academic year. The exams were organized in the distant format which allowed applicants from all over the world to take part without getting distracted from their current job or study.  Traditionally there are observers from international organizations present at SCIT’s  aptitude tests and final exams. This year the UNOG Russian Translation section and Russian MFA’s  Department of Linguistic Support assigned their staff interpreters to observe at the exams. We thank Mikhail Kuzmenko, Senior Reviser at UNOG’s Russian Translation section, and his colleague Anastasia Gavrilina, and Kirill Kazakov, Second Secretary of the Russian MFA, for their professionalism and constructive expert input during the aptitude tests.  Nine people are recommended for the study at SCIT. We heartily congratulate them and hope to see them in September!


SCIT opens doors to potential applicants

18 February 2022|

On 16 February 2022 SCIT opened its doors to potential applicants. We chose to use the hybrid format to enable everyone willing to take part: some people came to the School to see it with  their own eyes, others joined virtually via the YouTube stream  ( and chat. The participants asked about admission procedures, the status of the diploma awarded to the graduates, possible language combinations, job prospects after garduation. No question was left unanswered, the trainers, administartion and current year students gave full responses. Noteworthy that Kirill Kasyanov, head of the Russian booth in Nairobi and SCIT’s curator from UNON, also joined the Open Doors Day, albeit virtually, and helped to answer the questions and gave useful tips about succeeding in the aptitude tests.

SCIT takes part in the meeting of the Moscow Translation Club

15 December 2021|

On 10 December Angelique Antonova, SCIT Deputy Director, took part in the meeting of the Moscow Translation Club. The festive mood of the meeting did not distract the participants from discussing serious issues of the T&I industry. The discussions touched upon the ineraction between T&I schools and T&I providers and clients. The stakeholders discussed, among other issues, internships for T&I school graduates in translation agencies, clients’ and providers’ expectations and the conditions for fruitful cooperation with regard to respect for mutual interests.  The universities were represented by participants from T&I departments of MGLU (The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages)  and the Higher School of Economics.

Master-class from SCIT to MGIMO students

15 December 2021|

On 9 December SCIT trainers gave a master-class on the introduction to simultaneous interpreting at MGIMO. Angelique Antonova, SCIT DEputy Director, and Liang Zuizhen, trainer of Chinese interpreting, told and showed the participants from different universities in Russia how simultaneous interpreting is introduced at SCIT.  The presenters offered practical exercises in interpreting from Chinese into Russian, commented on delivery, took the questions from the audience. The participants showed great interest in simultaneous interpreting and enthusiastically took part in the discussion. We hope the master-class  will attract applicants for the new academic year at SCIT, and SCIT’s innovative training methods will be disseminated throughout other universities of Russia.

The master-class was attended by Kirill Barskiy, ambassador at large of the Russian MFA.