Admission and Eligibility Requirements

Candidates are admitted on the basis of the following examinations:

  1. Examination in Language B (oral and written).
  2. Examination in Language C (oral and written).
  3. Essay in Language A (Russian).
  4. Interview in Language A (Russian).

Entrance examinations are held in April. Candidates selected should meet strict requirements for language skills and general knowledge. The examinations are held by teachers of the School, representatives of the Language services of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission and the United Nations.

Admission of up to 25 candidates is expected.


Russian citizens are admitted as well as citizens of other countries having Russian as their mother tongue or working language of communication (CIS and other countries). Given the current difficult situation with translators/interpreters, particularly simultaneous interpreters from Russian on the world market of translation/interpreting services, it is planned to later on enroll candidates with mother-tongue other than Russian to study in specialized groups, according to the language, with the appropriate curricula.
Excellent knowledge of Language B and good knowledge of Language C is required.


University or equivalent degree in any discipline, including technical fields, etc.

Other skills

Sound computer skills and knowledge of basic software.