SCIT has close ties with the UN, and the Herzen University signed the Memorandum of Uniderstanding with the UN in 2008. SCIT graduates have their internship at the UN offices around the globe, some found permanent employment at the UN. Staff UN interpreters and translators come to SCIT with master-classes or to observe at final exams or aptitude tests.

Even at the present moment of COVID-19 confinement SCIT and UN continue the cooperation. Despite the fact that some series of master-classes have been cancelled due to the pandemic, SCIT students are not left without mentorship from the international organizations. Mr. Kirill Kasyanov, head of the Russian booth at UNON, has already given several virtual classes in institutional interpreting this semester, and on 17 April he had the first class on the KUDO platform allowing to teach simultaneous interpreting remotely. Mr. Kasyanov promised to make it a regular practice till the end of the semester.