For several years now SCIT maintains close ties with WIPO. Our graduates work full-time in the WIPO Translation section and TErminology section, and for two years our interns  have joined the WIPO team on the terminological base WIPO Pearl as a part of their translation project. In 2021, for example, they contributed to the terminological base on orthodonty and stomatology, and in 2022the project was devoted to the terminology of geochemistry.

The projects are supervised by SCIT trainers and graduated employed by WIPO either permanently or temporarily. WIPO published the results of the project work for the last year, and cooperation with Herzen university was duly mentioned:

The example of the term description for the terminological base can be viewed here:

We hope that the joint projects of SCIT students and WIPO terminological service will continue. The agreement of cooperation in 2023 has been reached, and now the project supervisors choose the subject area for work.  Still, regardless of the choice, the terminological practice in the international organization will be very useful for the SCIT students and will equip them with necessary skills.