Two months of studies have flown past, and on 8 November SCIT students had a conference to introduce simultaneous interpreting. This kind of work is new to many of them; yet SCIT has tremendous experience in making intro into sim engaging and interesting. At the stage of conference preparation all trainers meticulously choose the visual support for the first sim speech – usually a painting by a famous master, – think over the details of description, prepare the speech itself.   At the conference the students are talked through the painting in all their working languages, and no time is spared for that, as it helps to eliminate the possible fears and difficulties and give students a taste of their first success in simultaneous interpreting early on.   For the trainers the conference is a wonderful opportunity to get together and discuss the training outcomes at this stage and discuss possible strategy adjustments. We hope that the students were also filled with enthusiasm and are ready to storm the peaks of simultaneous interpreting. Our congratulations to the initiated!