On 27 September 2018 Moscow State University became a venue for the final of the International Contest of Simultaneous Interpreters Cosines Pi.  Among the runners up were Evgenia Yakovchik, SCIT graduate of 2018, Ekaterina Bereznikova and Maria Afanasieva, both from St. Petersburg. The final competition included simultaneous interpretation of Neil Gaiman’s interview from English into Russian and a fragment of a talk show from Russian into English.  The Jury panel headed by D. Yermolovich included around 20 people, among them professional interpreters, interpretation trainers and representatives of large translation companies. SCIT trainer Ekaterina Shutova was also on the panel. The performance assessment was rather rigorous, but just. We are happy to announce that the jury gave the victory to the SCIT graduate. Well-done, Zhenia!