The first week of June ushers in a series of events organized by the Permanent Delegation of Russian Federation at UNESCO to celebrate the Russian Language Day. SCIT was an active participant in the events. On 6 June we organized a seminar for interpreters of international organizations working with Russian to discuss the specific features of the contemporary Russian political discourse. The seminar continues the well-established SCIT tradition  according to which “professionals teach profefssionals”. The seminar proved to be all the more useful that interpreters from international organizations working with Russian today have to deal with a huge number of unfamiliar thematic areas reflecting the changing life in Russia. Interpreters just do not have time to follow the up-to-date stylistic, idiomatic, lexical and other changes taking place in the Russian language, nor can they boast enough opportunities for professional exchange with their colleagues – native speakers of Russian who could explain certain sociopolitical, economic or cultural trends within Russia. IO interpreters feel the gaps in their abilities to cope with interpeting Russian texts and speakers. The seminar afforded them just this opportunity – to update their knowledge and understanding of certain areas, make necessary adjustments in their work tactics and map out the way for professional growth.  The training was conducted by SCIT deputy director A. Antonova and SCIT trainer Zh. Shuklina.