From 27 to 29 February, SCIT hosted Ian Newton, lecturer at FTI-UNIGE and former ILO Chief Interpreter, who ran a series training sessions for SCIT teachers. These activities were organized within the framework of cooperation with the EMCI Consortium, of which SCIT is an active member.
The Training of Trainers sessions addressed many varied issues relating to the teaching of simultaneous interpreting at the intermediate level. SCIT trainers were active participants, contrinbuting their own experience and expertise to the discussions, and testing new approaches and techniques with SCIT’s current students. The logic of the discussions followed the students’ expected transition from simple well-structured narratives on familiar topics to more demanding speeches, with special attention paid to stress management and building up the interpreter’s stamina and resilience.
We express sincere gratitude to EMCI for organizing this event, and Ian Newton personally for making the discussions useful, lively and stimulating.