In 2023  after a 3-year break, the UNOV Conference Management Service held the 16th St. Jerome Translation Contest. Launched in 2005 the contest is meant to commemorate International Translation Day. It serves to celebrate multilingualism within the United Nations and highlights the important role that translation plays in the work of the United Nations and in the world at large.

We are happy to remind that there are two SCIT students among the winners of the 16th contest. They are Ekaterina Shchelchkova (2023-2024 cohort) and Marina Tkacheva (2014-2015 cohort).  During the week-long internship at UNOV in January 2024 Ekaterina Shchelchkova was eventually able to collect her diploma awarded earlier in autumn 2023.  She won the first prize in the student’s category.

We are happy and proud to congratulate Ekaterina and Marina again on their professional success!