On 9 September SCIT took part in teh EMCI General Assembly. The school is proud to hold the place in this consortium of 16 prestigious European universities. The agenda included various issues: the report on the 2020-2021 QA EMCI project, planning the work of the consortium in 2021-2022, introducing changes in the consortium statutes allowing for the SISU to become an observer to EMCI, and voting for the platform to ensure the virtual interpreter training. Of the five options the choice was made in favour of Interprefy which can be efficiently used for the training purposes. The observers at the General Assambley were Javier Hernandez Saseta, Head of Multilingualism and Interpreter Training Support Unit, and Fernando Leitao, Head of the E-Learning Unit,  DG Interpretation (EC), and Cathie Pierson, Head of Multilingualism Unit in the European Parliament. SCIT was represented by Angelique Antonova, SCIT Deputy Director.