On 13 and 14 March a virtual meeting of the IAMLADP members took place. IAMLADP is an international group of representatives of universities with T&I programs and international organizations, of which SCIT is an active member. The group serves to implement closer cooperation between educational institutions and employers represented by international organizations. The participants discussed the issues related to translator training, taking into account the increasingly wide use of AI systems in the professional practices. The participants also discussed the social “soft” skills that a translator should possess, while particularly highlighting the need to train young translators to colloborate, develop the ability to prioritize workload distribution and meet tight deadlines. It is interesting that the participants from the universities agreed that today it is impossible to train translators only to work in international organizations, let alone work in only one international organization – now the demand is for translators-generalists, able to quickly adapt to the customer and explore new thematic fields. SCIT was represented by Deputy Director Angelique Antonova.