On 14-17 September the University of Granada hosted the annual General Assembley of CIUTI, as well as the conference of the member institutions. CIUTI is a large educational association comprising above 60 universities from more than 20 countries all around the globe, and Herzen University with its two programs, IFL and SCIT, has been its member since 2018.

The agenda included a lot of important issues: how to maximize the efficiency of the cooperation among the member universities, the enlargement of the organization, the elections of the CIUTI Conseil, planning the CIUTI work for 2022-2023. The decision was made to put more efforts in building up the organization’s presence on the African continent in the Asia-Pacific region, to develop the Resource section of the CIUTI site to help its members vary the teaching materials, and strengthen the ties with the international organizations like the European Commision, European Parliament, and the UN.

The events took place in the hybrid format, and SCIT was represented by Angelique Antonova, SCIT Deputy Director.