From 12 to 15 April SCIT trainers, represented by Deputy Director Angelique Antonova and  Professor Liang Cuizhen, gave a sewres of master classes in consecutive interpreting from Chinese and English for the students of the MGIMO Department of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Laotian languages.  SCIT specialists spoke about the methods of teaching consecutive interpreting practiced at SCIT. The Department Chair Olga Maslovets noted that such exchange of good practices and training tips is very useful and contributes immensely to boosting the trainers’ professional expertise.

Also Angelique Antonova and Liang Cuizhen held a meeting with Kirill Barsky, Chair of the Department of Diplomacy, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, MFA Ambassador at large (2018 till present),  Russia’s Ambassador in Thailand and Russia’s Representative in ESCAP in Bangkok (2014-2018). Mr. Barsky confirmed  that the efforts to increase the number of language specialists with Chinese are very well-timed. Today, when the vector of political activities slants to the East, securing effective communication between nations becomes of primary importance.

We hope that the master classes from SCIT trainers in MGIMO will become a good tradition, and the ranks of interpreters with Chinese will effectively grow!