SCIT took part in the annual CIUTI conference organized in Ghent (Belgium) on 18 and 19 September. The conference was devoted to the Multiplicity in the public service interpreting and translation. SCIT was represtented by Deputy Director Angelique Antonova. she gave a presentation about training T&I speciaists in the age of artificial intelligence. The presentation evoked a response and generated a lively discussion among the audience.

The conference participants covered a wide range of issues related to T&I services in health care, legal shpere, other humanitarian areas; a lot of attention was given to interpreting sign languages and the challenges of remote interpreting. A special panel was devoted to the challenges of trainig interpreter trainers. The conference programme was very rich: it included 5 parallel panel sessions  which addressed the most topical issues of the T&I industry, share the expertise in teaching methodology and research.  It was a pleasant surprise that one of the presentations was devoted to the work of Alexey Fiodorov, Soviet and Russian scholar.

On 20 and 21 Septemebr CIUTI held the General Assembly. Traditionally, the GA participants discussed the results of the 2022-2023 academic year and the plan for the year to come. A round table discussion was devoted to translation issues and the changes produced in the industry by the wide application of modern technologies. For the first time the CIUTI Asian Pacific Office presented a report of its ativities to the General Assembly.

We are pleased that CIUTI is a truely actively workng organization bringing together the experrts in T&I education and creating condition for a fruitful exchange of opinions, experience, good practices and useful contacts. Herzen University and SCIT find this cooperation very beneficial.