On 13-15 November 2023 Angelique Antonova, SCIT deputy Director, went along with Rector Sergey Tarasov to Moscow to take part in the Parliamentary hearings devoted to the State policy in preserving, protecting and developing the Russian language, challenges and possible solutions. The participants of the hearings raised, among others, the issue of strengthening the role of the Russian language on the international arena, and it is in this field that SCIT has prominent expertise. Close attention to the native tongue and masterful command of the language are among the key criteria in selecting the candidates for studying at SCIT. We understand that for interpreters the native language is not only the working tool, but equally a way to spread and popularize the Russian word and culture abroad. The suggestions of Herzen university and SCIT about strengthening the role of the Russian language inside and outside the country were included in the final document adopted at the end of the Parliamentary hearings.

On the margins of the Parliamentary hearings there was a meeting of Rector Sergey Tarasov and Deputy Director Angelique Antonova with  Vladimir Chizhov, Senator and First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Defence and Security. The talk was concerned with the efforts of Herzen university in strengthening the position of the Rusian language in international organizations. Angelique Antonova told Vladimir Chizhov about SCIT’s accomplishments in this area.  Senator Chizhov took an active part in establishing SCIT, and in his capacity of the Permanent representative of the Russian Federation in the European Union in 2005-2022 put a lot of effort in finding partners for SCIT in the linguistic services of the European institutions.  The topic of improving the positions of the Russian language in the international institutions is close to Mr. Chizhov as he knows first hand about the importance of the linguistic representation of a country in international organizations. The meeting took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere and gave participants with new ideas and insights.