While present day SCIT students develop their translation and interpreting skills and gather ideas for the New Year party, some graduates perfect their skills at international organizations. One of them is Viktor Balandin, who in September, upon finishing the internship period at UNOG, embarked on another traineeship at WMO linguistic support and pubications department.  During the time passed  Viktor familiarized himself  with the WMO structure and principles, and translated a serious scientific paper – WMO Air Quality and Climate Bulletin # 3 (can be accessed at  https://library.wmo.int/idurl/4/68505). Now Viktor is doing a translation of the WMO official web-site which is to come out in 6 UN languages in early 2024 (https://wmo.int/ru), and WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin # 19. Recently Viktor announced good news – is contract was prolonged by another three months, till the end of March, anf the traineeship will be held remotely.   We wish Viktor good luck with his assignment!