When people talk about SCIT  they generally mean interpreting. However, translation takes no less time and place in the trainig process. In fact, there are 20 SCIT graduates currently working in the UN translation services, and this fact speaks for itself.

Traditionally in April SCIT hosted Mikhail Kuzmenko, Senior Reviser from the Russian Translation Section at UNOG. He came to take part in the aptitude tests and give master-classes to the students, trained them for the internship programs in the UN offices. Mikhail Kuzmenko is an excellent reviser, and his commentaries and explanations are  very useful and always to the point.

This year the situation is different. But hardly any worse! Mikhail Kuzmenko  supervises the institutional translation project carried out by the students. They translate UN documentation and discuss the work in the Zoom conferences. SCIT trainer Sergey Afonin is also involved in the project. He is present at the classes and draws advice from his vast experience of working for the international organizations.