Engaged in translation when a student. Wrote her graduation paper (“Demon” by Mikhail Yu. Lermontov in German translations”) and PhD thesis dedicated to bilingualism in the worksy Carolina Pavlova under the supervision of a well-known theorist and practician of translation and interpretation Andrey V. Fyodorov.

At the end of the 70ies worked as a translator in the Patent bureau of the Leningrad State University. Teaching at the Leningrad State University (now St Petersburg State University) since 1980.

In the 80ies and 90ies specialized in the legal, economic, memoir and literary translation. Among translations published in the 80ies, 90ies and the beginning of the XXI c. there are works of J. L. Tieck, E.-T.-A. Hoffmann, G.Keller, G.Hauptmann, G.Trakl, H.Hesse, H.Broch, R.Musil, H.Böll, R.Menasse, I.Tielsch, P.Nison, E.Jelinek and many others. In 2006 published “A Complete Collection of Letters by W. A. Mozart” (together with her former student A. V. Boyarkina) and translated most of the letters.

Since mid 90ies also engaged in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation (in particular, at conferences and forums Petersburg Dialogue – 2003, Christain Service in Hospitals – 1999, Modern Legal Protection of Information Sources – 2004, etc.). Since 1980 has been teaching practice and theory of translation and interpretation. Since the end of the 90ies has published a number of books on the theory of translation and interpretation and methods of translators and interpreters training, including: «Теория перевода» («Translatology») 1998; «Профессиональный тренинг переводчика» («Professional Training of Interpreters/Translators») 2000, «Устный перевод. Немецкий язык» («Interpretation. The German Language») 2002, «Введение в переводоведение» 2004 (Introduction into Translatology), «Устный перевод речей» («Interpretation of Speeches») 2005, «Письменный перевод. Немецкий язык» («Translation. The German Language») 2006, «Текст и перевод» («The Text and Its Traslation/Interpretation») 2008 – all in Russian. Author of more than a hundred research papers.

Since 2000 has been conducting workshops on organisation of education in the field of interpretation/translation and the methods of interpreters/translators training in Russia and other countries. In 2004 awarded an Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Since 2017 has been appointed as Director of the Strategic Centre for T&I Trainig in the Russian Academy of Education.