On 12 March SCIT held its first virtual conference with the Directorate General for Interpretation, European Parliament. The conference format was challenging: interpreting from Russian into English, which is currently a very popular format in the European Union. The topics varied from  the representation of colour in different languages to functioning of the urban transport, incuding electric scooters. EP interpreters gave detailed feedback, generously shared their experience and gave advice to the SCIT students. At the same time they praised the SCIT trainers for the good level attained by their trainees. SCIT thanks the European colleagues – Jeraldine Wojcik, Andrew Bolton and Fenella Dodd – for their active participation in the conference and, largely, for taking part in bringing up the new generation of interpreters in Russia. Angelique Antonova, SCIT Deputy Director, acted as a moderator on the SCIT side.