On 18 February SCIT held the third meeting of the open seminar Terra Translatologica hosting Alena Malofeeva and Andrey Falaleyev, both AIIC members.  They have vast experience in interpreting at international events, and have authored nine popular self-training books for simultaneous interpreters. The guests spoke about their professional paths, the benefits of the profession, and their work on the books. The seminar participants learned that a simultaneous interprter, even an experienced one, needs regular practice, and the best exercise is reading quality press and interpreting  videos on any topic that seizes imagination.

«I am happy to have chosen this profession. It suits my character, I am not tied to the office desk, but instead can travel around the globe and get knowledge about different fields . What is more, this work expects you to grow personally throughout lifetime», — said Alena Malofeeva about her vocation.

«The seminar is organized within the project “Open Univesity”. We invite anyone interested in the interpreter’s profession to discuss relevant issues in the informal and friendly atmosphere. We certainly welcome students, including freshmen, because we are convinced such meetings are as useful as regular classes», — said Irina Alexeeva, SCIT Director.