On 28 February SCIT opened its doors to potential students. The event took place in the Conference hall, and it was so full there were almost no free seats left. Following the tradition Director Irina Alexeeva opened the meeting by telling about the admission exams procedure, and then SCIT trainers and graduates (Yury Shashkov, Sergey Leonov, Elena Zheltova) spoke about the curriculum and the studying process. We were also happy to welcom Kirill Kazakov, SCIT graduate of 2014 and now a staff MFA interpreter, who told about interpreting at the high level and his experiences of interpreting for Russia’s political leaders. Certainly the guests asked questions, and we hope they found answers for them, and left with a better understanding of what SCIT is and how we teach here. We believe that many of them will come back to try their luck at the aptitude tests which start on 30 March.