On 3 April SCIT held the first full-scale mock conference using the KUDO platform! Yes, there were some technical hitches, sound gaps and change-of-interpreter problems. We did  not use videos or relay, not yet. But we had three booths for two interpreters, proper speeches and moderators. The conference had two parts (to change the speakers and interpreters) and lasted 4 hours. There were 9 students and 6 trainers taking part in it.

On the whole, it worked. All interpreters got certified and were able to log in and work; the trainers needed two devices to connect and thus were able to simultaneously follow both the original speech and the interpretation. It was a full-fledged conference, and we were learning interpreting as well as mastering RSI. Let us hope that all  the stress and strain of taming technologies was not for nothing. Classes at SCIT continue according to the timetable, and the student do not lose the momentum. We are keeping  on!

PS We thank KUDO for the opportunity to use their platform free of charge and with no limit. The company promptly resonded to the EMCI request and generously granted access to its services to the member universities, as well as organized training seminars for the users.