On 3-4 December DG SCIC held the conference for the partner-universities. The conference was dedicated to interpreting in the new digital age. The participants addressed a lot of important issues: the use of digital tools in interpreter training,  the new set of skills for interpreter in the digital age, the clients’ perspectives on remote interpreting, new projects on hybrid learning modes and new delivery models.  The DG SCIC officials attended the conference: Genoveva Ruiz Calavera, Director-General DG SCIC, Javier Hernández Saseta, Head of Multilingualism and Interpreter Training, Paolo Torrigiani, Senior Expert Multilingualism and Knowledge Development Unit DG Interpretation European Commission. The hybrid format of the conference allowed for the university representatives from all over Europe and other SCIC partners to take part int he discussions. Herzen’s SCIT was represented by deputy director Angelique Antonova.