On the last days of September SCIT celebrated the International Translation Day. On 29 September we held the long-awaited diploma awarding ceremony for the 2021 graduates. Even though only 5 people were able to attend in person, the warm greetings and wishes of a successful professional life were addressed to all graduates. The new students were not guests, but full-fledged participants of the festivities. They prepared an “home-concert”, amusing everyone present with the fun-facts about themselves and a curious “who said it” quiz.

On 30 September the festivities continued in Herzen University’s  Discussion Club. There a Translator Recital was organized, where the participants recited the poetry of the aspiring young poets of Europe, and presented their work done as a part of Sergey Stepanov’s seminar at Herzen University, or Anna Savitskaya’s seminar at the Swedish House in St. Petersburg. The concert participants were greeted by Andrey Maksimov, Head of the Committee for Science and Higher Education in the Government of Saint-Petersburg, and Sergey Tarasov, Acting Rector of Herzen University, Andrey Achkasov, Dirctor of the Institute of Foreign Languages, Herzen University, and Irina Alexeeva, SCIT Director.  A lot of participants were able to join virtually. Everyone present enjoyed the recital.