On 13 March Irina Alexeeva, SCIT Director, took part in the on-line seminar “Language mediator as a key figure in international communication”. The seminar was organized by Al Farabi Kazakh National University in Astana. In itself, discussing language mediation in the diplomatic sphere is quite topical, and it is not surprising that SCIT was invited to take part in the discussion. However, it was a pleasant surprise for Director Alexeeva to find among the forum participants SCIT graduates from the specialized Kazakh program, which was realized at the School some 5 years ago. They were Meiram Islam,  Svetlana Filimonova, Nazira Umekova. Their presentations at the seminar made it evident that they are not only making brilliant careers in the sphere of diplomatic interpreting and translation and/or  teaching T&I, but also serve as conductors of the SCIT principles and ideology with its focus on quality and professionalism.

75 people were active participants at the seminar, and other School graduates from the Kazakh program were among them, too.

The recording will soon be available on Youtube. Don’t miss it! There will be a lot of interesting and useful materials.