On 28 April 2021 SCIT students had another virtual conference, this time with our EMCI partner-university – the Institute of Applied Linguistics at Warsaw University (Instytut Lingwistyki Stosowanej UW). The topic of the conference was Communication. The speeches in English, Russian and Polished up to 6 min. long were prepared by the trainers, native speakers of these languages. The interpreting was also practiced in different directions EN-RU, RU-EN, RU-PL, PL-RU-EN. All students showed good performance and received a lot of useful advice from the trainers from partner-universities.
Such conferences help the students to perfect their skills as practice before trainers and students from other universities makes the students concentrate, look at their skills from aside and get feedback from a different viewpoint and compare their level of achievement with that of other students. We are going to continue this useful practice!