On 26 February  SCIT held the first virtual conference with the DG SCIC interpreters in this year. This conference is a part of the ongoing pedagogical assistance rendered to the School by the European Commission. Such events are an integral part of the training process at SCIT as they familiarize the students with the professional quality standards in the internaional organizaions. The training speecches areprepared by the European partners – practising interpreters, and  they also give assessment to the students’ performance. Receiving feedback is of paramount importance for the students as they get valuable advice from the professional IO interpreters and accordingly adjust their learning strategies and improve the technique. The speech topics varied from road safety to stock markets. The School is grateful to the European colleagues – Michael Sommers and Alexander Drechsel – for taking part in the conference and the help they give in bringing up the new generation of interpreters. Angelique Antonova moderated the conference on the SCIT side.