On 7 and 8 February 2019 ELTE University in Budapest hosted a Training for Trainers seminar on the use of new technologies in interpreter training. The seminar brought together participants from over 10 countries and created a venue for discussing a wide range of issues, such as the use of the Moodle platform in the training process, ways of encouraging trainers to make a more active use of the tool, the use of various gadgets and on-line platforms in preparation for the job and while on it (e.g. how to use a tablet while interpreting consecutively), the challenges of remote interpreting – what is understood by the term and whether it is necessary to allocate time for it in the training process.

The participating universities generously shared their experiences, and SCIT trainers Sergey Leonov and Vladimir Kornev were unanimous in their estimation of the event as a valuable opportunity to discuss professional issues of interpreter training and interpreting market with the people coming from many different countries.

The seminar was organized within the EMCI project for updating interpreter trainers’ qualification for member universities.