On 21-31 March St. Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation held the aptitude tests for the next academic year. The exams were organized in the distant format which allowed applicants from all over the world to take part without getting distracted from their current job or study.  Traditionally there are observers from international organizations present at SCIT’s  aptitude tests and final exams. This year the UNOG Russian Translation section and Russian MFA’s  Department of Linguistic Support assigned their staff interpreters to observe at the exams. We thank Mikhail Kuzmenko, Senior Reviser at UNOG’s Russian Translation section, and his colleague Anastasia Gavrilina, and Kirill Kazakov, Second Secretary of the Russian MFA, for their professionalism and constructive expert input during the aptitude tests.  Nine people are recommended for the study at SCIT. We heartily congratulate them and hope to see them in September!